This Is War

“This Is War” Album Cover, ©2014 Paul Elledge

In 1996 Paul received a wonderful letter from a youngster named Travis Wright.  Travis was excited about an image Paul made for the Smashing Pumpkins Single 1979.   Paul wrote him back filling him in on the details of making images for the music industry as well as insight into his photographic process.   Many years later, 2014 comes around and Travis has now commissioned an image for his own recording.   Paul and Travis have come full circle in their relationship and it is exciting to see this dream come true for Travis.

Old Friend…New Work

Every once and awhile we have the chance to create a piece that illustrates the pure emotion of another artist’s work.  Jonny Polonsky, an old friend of the studio,  asked us to create a video for his new song, “Chip Away the Stone”.   It is a great pleasure to share this new work with all of you.

We All Have Our Influences

One of the biggest influences in my life was my father James Elledge.   He was a thinker and a seeker of truth.  He was always reading and learning in order to push himself as well as those around him.  My dad was a very spiritual man, and a lover of all people.  He was very positive and taught me to focus on what I can change rather than on what I could not.  He taught me not to be stagnant and to strive to always grow and challenge my thinking.   He also taught me the importance of listening, and to give a 360-degree perspective to all issues.  I want to celebrate my dad’s passing a year ago today.  I will do so by honoring his life through remembering these lessons as well as others in my life now and in the future.

Explore Recent Work

©2014 Paul Elledge

Team Elledge announces a new gallery added to our website.  The new gallery features recent work shot while teaching in Cuba this past spring.   Explore the streets and faces of this fabulous place and if you would like to join us on the next trip please send the studio an email.  Plans are in the works for another government cultural exchange in 2015.

©2014 Paul Elledge

©2014 Paul Elledge

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New Work for an Old Friend!

Team Elledge created a new music package for our dear friend Chris Connelly.  Besides all of the awesome music under his own name, he is also formerly of MINISTRY, Revolting Cocks and KMFDM fame.  His new project with Jason Novak is “Cocksure” and is the first release for the rebirth of Chicago’s own WaxTrax label!  Check it out!