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She Will Be Missed

Along life’s path you meet only a few very special  people that will shape you as well as open both your mind and heart.   Ermalina who passed away last night was one of those people for me.  By sharing her … Continue reading

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Chicago Project VI

Chicago in the summer time is full of festivals and fun.  This weekend why not add some creativity into the mix?   Team Elledge is proud of our creative number one assistant and digital tech Elaine Suzanne Miller.  Friday night … Continue reading

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Little Foxes

A great story unfolded during the photo shoot for the promotion of Goodman Theatre’s “Little Foxes”.   The actress Shannon Cochran mentioned that the working methods of Paul’s session with her was reminiscent of when she did a photo shoot … Continue reading

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This new body of work illustrates the beauty of physical strength and power.  The project “Strength” was created during a work trip to Cuba to celebrate the focus and hard work that goes into training for action sports.

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Join Paul in Italy!

The one location that really stirs Paul’s soul and touches him deeply is Italy.  The faces, the food, and the magic of everyday life inspire his longest running project.  Make your plans now to join Paul side by side in … Continue reading

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