Not Your Normal Selfie

©2013 Leasha Overturf

It’s no secret that everyone at Team Elledge is a fan of Leasha Overturf.  Not only is she our top flight producer but she is also a great photographer in her own right.  Check out this new piece she did that is in a group opening on Friday night at The Zhou B Art Center.  Make the opening part of your Friday night plans and be sure to stop and say hi to Leasha!

Mystery of the Ordinary

There is a must see show in Chicago this summer– Magritte “The Mystery of the Ordinary” 1926-1938.   This exhibit highlights the artist’s most profoundly inventive and experimental years.   The lovely presentation features paintings, collages, and drawings.  Furthermore it is an inspiring variety of work that visually demonstrates Magritte’s thinking which was seeking to make “everyday objects shriek aloud,” or make the familiar unfamiliar.

Meet me in Italy

Time is ticking and Paul’s Italian workshop will soon be here!   Join Paul in one of his favorite places, the hills of Tuscany.  As Team Elledge prepares for the TPW program “The Creative Portrait: Seeing Yourself In Others”, we want to remind those that have expressed interest over the years that it is time to sign up.

The program, the location, and taking a week of time to make images for the love of creating all add up to a magical experience.   Take the time to treat yourself… We hope to see you under the Tuscan sun.

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Mexico 1000

Sometimes you need to step away from one passion in order to nurture another.  Team Elledge is deeply involved in many outside interests in addition to creating images.  These outside passions refuel the mind and body to inspire new perspectives in Paul’s image making.

One of the most intense passions is the motor sports.  If you follow Paul’s Tumblr 133 racing, you have seen Paul race AHRMA events and and ride the ICE.  Starting May 10th Paul will undertake the most physical and challenging event to date.  He will ride his KTM 530 EXC in the Mexican 1000 which will cover 1,300 plus off road miles starting in Ensenada, Mexicali, Baja, Mexico on May 10th and ending May 14th in San Jose Del Cabo.

Team Elledge would like to thank Johnny Scheff at Motorworks for all the knowledge and encouragement to make this dream a reality.  In addition, the good folks at Precision Concepts for the bike set up and prep for this off road event.

Mirror Mirror

Team Elledge is very excited for the show opening at Catherine Edelman Gallery Friday, May 2.  Our dear friend Elizabeth Ernst will be exhibiting her latest cast of characters in the show titled, Mirror Mirror.  Whether the characters are based on imagined or real people, Elizabeth’s storytelling continues in each new character.  The finished pieces create a sense of wonder that is both compelling and haunting.  The mysterious light and intense gaze from many of the characters will have you reflecting on your own stories.

Come join Team Elledge as we celebrate Elizabeth!