See you Friday night

How about going out to a holiday party with some of Chicago’s finest photographers? Check out the list of photographer’s showing work in the fourth annual APA Artist’s Perspective show. Team Elledge is excited that both Paul and Leasha have images included. Come on out to see and be seen!


© 2014 Paul Elledge

Creating a video and still for the performance “Pursuant” will be the first time Paul has collaborated with his daughter Lucia.  If you are in NYC this week, stop over and check out the show.  The performance is free and open to the public as part of the chashama project. The dance will be performed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening repeating during the hours of 5-7 at Anita’s Way 137 West 42nd Street -the through-block connecting 42nd and 42rd streets between Broadway and 6th Ave.

Wonderful Town!

Team Elledge had a great time creating this image for Wonderful Town.  Go experience this modern interpretation of a classic show at the Goodman Theater.  It’s a great production not to be missed!

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

The land of the free – Be yourself this weekend and shine whatever colors represent you!

© 2015 Paul Elledge

© 2015 Paul Elledge

Father’s Day

Photos of our loved ones have, in a way, become modern talismans.  We fold them into our wallets, make them the backgrounds of our phones, and hang them in our bedrooms to summon the people, moments, and feelings we want to keep close.  For Team Elledge, photos of our fathers are among these talismans.  Through them, we can trace the cleft of our chin and the shape of our smile, and be reminded of our fathers’ boundless love.

This Father’s Day, team Elledge celebrate fatherhood in all its forms – whether by way of biology, marriage, adoption or mentorship. For everything, we thank you.