Don’t Forget, Paul Elledge ♥’s You!

©2015 Paul Elledge

Valentine’s day is February 14th.  It’s coming up.  So we talk about love – teddy bears, a dozen red roses, and Sweetheart messages that’ll throw you back to flip phone conversations circa 2002.  Crazy 4 U!  Here at Team Elledge some of us actually think those candy hearts are delicious, but we won’t tell you who.

For us,

Love is expression
Love is music.
Love is inspiration
Love is our work. 

We’re looking forward to sharing that with you in 2016.

We’re Diggin’ Disgraced

Team Elledge gets a smile as we see our work rolling around the streets of Chicago.  Jump on and get over to see Disgraced before it leaves the stage.

Dreams Come True

©2009 Paul Elledge

Paul dreamed big as a child, and he still dreams big today.  He has learned that the more he dreams big, they often come true.

As a child Paul wanted to work for two photo driven magazines.  The first magazine was LIFE which he had the good fortune to shoot a feature for before it closed it’s doors.  The other magazine was National Geographic and today a copy arrived to the studio with published story using Paul’s images in the new issue!

Team Elledge is smiling and encourage you to dream.  Dream often and dream big; it’s surprising how many come true :)

She Will Be Missed

©1988 Paul Elledge

Along life’s path you meet only a few very special  people that will shape you as well as open both your mind and heart.   Ermalina who passed away last night was one of those people for me.  By sharing her home and her family, she taught me so much about the big and small things in life.
Ermalina  was extremely open allowing me to photograph and film her daily life since our first meeting in 1984.   She and the whole Querciagrossa family have been the key to my love of Italy and all things Italian.

I am so thankful and blessed to have had Ermalina in my life will miss her every day.  Her spirit will live on in myself and those whom she touched.

©1990 Paul Elledge

©1991 Paul Elledge


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Chicago Project VI

equilibrium. ©2015 elaine suzanne miller

Chicago in the summer time is full of festivals and fun.  This weekend why not add some creativity into the mix?   Team Elledge is proud of our creative number one assistant and digital tech Elaine Suzanne Miller.  Friday night she is part of the Catherine Edelman Gallery opening

The Chicago Project VI, which is an exhibition highlighting a selection of artists from their online gallery.  Get out and support the arts and say hello to Elaine when you stop by!


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