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© 2015 Paul Elledge

© 2015 Paul Elledge

Father’s Day

Photos of our loved ones have, in a way, become modern talismans.  We fold them into our wallets, make them the backgrounds of our phones, and hang them in our bedrooms to summon the people, moments, and feelings we want to keep close.  For Team Elledge, photos of our fathers are among these talismans.  Through them, we can trace the cleft of our chin and the shape of our smile, and be reminded of our fathers’ boundless love.

This Father’s Day, team Elledge celebrate fatherhood in all its forms – whether by way of biology, marriage, adoption or mentorship. For everything, we thank you.

The Creative Process

If you are looking to learn more about the creative process, working on a project or just want to hang out, come out to Paul’s talk at the Michigan Avenue Apple Store on June 7th at 6pm – 7pm. Since 2009 Paul has added a new photograph everyday to his ever-growing collection of iPhone photography. Come join us at to hear more about the evolution of his project!

iPhone Once a Day 2016 is now live on Instagram. Follow it daily starting today!

PhotoServe Top 10

PDN’s database of the world’s best photographers, PhotoServe, is currently featuring Paul Elledge in their top ten! Paul’s selection of work on their site can be viewed here.

Looking for Magic

© 2015 Paul Elledge

Photography has historically been thought of as a mechanical imprint of the visual world — a record of what was in a particular moment in time.  But, sometimes the camera doesn’t just record, it transforms.  It creates a world beyond what we see with our eyes.

Lately, we’ve been in the midst of some drab, gray spring days.  But the rain that drains saturation from daytime makes the city streets luminescent at night.  Ultimately, photography (like the weather!) is subject to our vision, and here at Team Elledge we’re looking for magic.