In general Team Elledge has a silver kind of aesthetic except when it comes to winning.  Then, we always prefer to bring home the Gold at any competition.

Graphis has always held a special place in Paul’s heart as he studied the book of winners   while he was in college.    Often dreaming of his time to view his work within it’s pages.  Team Elledge is pleased to have two Golds in this year’s Graphis Annual.  They are photographs of two of his favorite subjects–Billy Corgan and Italy.   Thanks to both for always inspiring some of his most memorable images.

©2011 Paul Elledge

It’s Complicated

©2014 Paul Elledge

Team Elledge recently led a photo workshop for the Santa Fe Workshops on a “people to people cultural exchange” with Cuba.   We are now starting to finalize and process some of the images Paul made.  If you don’t already follow Paul on Tumblr now is a good time to start.  These images will start to roll out over the next month on Tumblr way before the final work will arrive to the website.

The people of Cuba are amazing.  They are artistic, vibrant, inventive, and living life to it’s fullest despite the oppressed situation they live in.  It is a place that is both beautiful and tragic, and the experience of being there was complicated for sure.  Nevertheless, we cherish our new friends in Cuba and want to celebrate their spirit by sharing the images.

©2014 Paul Elledge

©2014 Paul Elledge

©2014 Paul Elledge

©2014 Paul Elledge

Think Italy This Summer

Team Elledge has just returned from Cuba after a great program with amazing participants from the Santa Fe Workshops. Our photos will be shared soon!

Now let’s bring some warmth to the season and think about the upcoming Italian workshop this July.   Paul has been teaching at the Toscana Photographic Workshops for over ten years.  It is always a magical experience of image-making and cultural exploration.   Come share a week of photography with Paul and sip an espresso with him in his favorite location– Italy.

Instead of Saturday Morning Cartoons…

Instead of warming by the fire this weekend, come out to the Annual SEA Conference and hear Paul speak.  He is presenting at the 14th Annual Self-Employment in the Arts (SEA) Conference on Feb. 22nd.   He will be sharing a blend of entrepreneurship, artistry, and skills necessary for success as a working artist in the photography world.

This fun and interactive event is geared towards career development for visual, performing, literary, media, and culinary artists.  If you want to make a living with your art or are looking to take your arts career to the next level, join Paul on the 22nd, at the Hilton Hotel in Lisle, Illinois for an amazing two days at the SEA Conference!

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Editor’s Pick

Last week Team Elledge was honored when Paul was invited to show work on the internationally acclaimed website, LensCulture.  For the first submission, we uploaded Paul’s project “Selma”.  Check it out along with the other stunning portfolios featured.  The studio was just informed this project became an  Editor’s Pick on the site!


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