Opening night

2017 © Paul Elledge

Team Elledge invites you to the “iPhone Once a Day” opening this Friday evening! This will be the first solo show of Paul’s long time photo project. It is a visual diary created completely on an iPhone. In case you missed it, here is a nice write up from Workbook’s blog.

Excitement abound

© 2015 Paul Elledge

Team Elledge has exciting news. Paul’s image has won a Silver award from Graphis and will be featured in the upcoming Photography Annual 2017 book.

Leasha’s good news is getting into APA’s Los Angeles group show “Off the Clock” with the image below.

© 2014 Leasha Overturf



Team Elledge was excited to photograph one of our favorite brands, Snap-On Tools, for Innovation Leader magazine. Our team knows quality when they see it and that is what Snap-On Tools is all about.


People’s Choice Winner


© 2005 Paul Elledge

We won! The team wants to thank everyone that voted for Paul’s photograph “Jim” to be chosen as the People’s Choice Award Winner for the Month of Photography Los Angeles’s Analogue Portrait ProjectThanks for the help to the finish line. Much love.

Happy holidays from Team Elledge!

© 2016 Paul Elledge

Paul recently photographed Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley to promote their fantastic musical collaboration, the Skivvies. The photo shoot’s enthusiastic energy channels our excitement for this time of year perfectly. Go here for news on their tour, Holiday Roadkill. Happy holidays!