Sometimes it is so delightful to be on our assignments!  The Goodman Theater has provided some of the most inspired and provocative photo projects of 2015.  Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike could be defined as one of the most entertaining on-set experiences to date!


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Little Foxes

A great story unfolded during the photo shoot for the promotion of Goodman Theatre’s “Little Foxes”.   The actress Shannon Cochran mentioned that the working methods of Paul’s session with her was reminiscent of when she did a photo shoot with Richard Avedon… This of course peaked Paul’s interest as he is a huge fan of Avedon.   In Avedon’s image of Shannon, the actress appeared naked with the actor Michael Shannon.   This description sparked Paul to get his iPad and find the image on the Avedon app.    If you have not seen the app check it out. If you have not seen “Little Foxes” check it out too!  Both get two thumbs up from Team Elledge.

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This new body of work illustrates the beauty of physical strength and power.  The project “Strength” was created during a work trip to Cuba to celebrate the focus and hard work that goes into training for action sports.

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Join Paul in Italy!

The one location that really stirs Paul’s soul and touches him deeply is Italy.  The faces, the food, and the magic of everyday life inspire his longest running project.  Make your plans now to join Paul side by side in Tuscany for a weeklong photographic workshop.  Adventuring under the Tuscan sun making images and exploring the countryside with Paul is a well-deserved treat for inspiration.  His weeklong program is designed to enlighten your individual creativity and move your photography to the next level.  One on one, with your classmates, on location, or while sitting at a café eating gelato, photography will be the focus.   Paul will share his knowledge and passion for making images in one of his favorite places in the world.

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Team Elledge had the good fortune to work with the lovely Beauty blogger Rachel Talbott for eye care client Alcon.  Paul’s style of finding connection through the eyes of the subject was a perfect match with this client and creative team.  Check out the work at a store near you.

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