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Celebrating Photography

Happy 50th to the Society for Photography Education!  What better place to celebrate than right here in Chicago?  If you haven’t gotten your tickets for the party, the SPE National Conference is right around the corner.  Next weekend, join photographers … Continue reading

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Art on the Road

Team Elledge has seen what Larry Poons is capable of on the race track, and last week in New York we had the chance to see in person what he can do with a canvas.   Loretta Howard Gallery is showing “New … Continue reading

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Say “Thank You”

On Valentine’s Day, Team Elledge would like to express thankfulness for those we love and for what we love. Today we love kindness, sincerity, and honesty.  Today we are very thankful for everyone who has crossed our path and who … Continue reading

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1.2.3. See What You See

It’s been awhile since Team Elledge has explored the art shows in our hometown  Chicago. The 2013 Chicago art scene has opened with a bang having three particularly exciting shows to review.   One of Paul’s biggest influences, Irivng Penn, is … Continue reading

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“Faking It”

Team Elledge has been busy on the road the past couple of weeks.  While working in New York, we were able to squeeze in a visit to the MET where we had the chance to check out a huge collection … Continue reading

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